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    Company Profile

    Guangxi Fengshan Huatai Mining Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaging in mineral extraction, powder processing, R&D of the ultra-fine grinding technology.The company holds the high-quality open-pit heavy calcium carbonate mine with the reserves up to 10 million tons with an annual output of 200,000 tons of 600-8000 mesh heavy calcium carbonate and surface treated calcium carbonate. It is one of the production bases of non-metallic ultra-fine powder totally from calcite in China.
    The Company is engaged in the research, development and production of the non-metallic ultra-fine powder. At present, we own 7 imported and domestic modern production lines for ultra-fine powder.
    The main offerings include the heavy calcium carbonate, surface treated calcium carbonate, special-purpose ultra-fine calcite powder with an annual production of 200 thousand tons of 600-8000 mesh heavy calcium carbonate and surface treated calcium carbonate.
    The production process used by the Company is the most advanced grinding and grading closed-circuit crushing technology, integrating the ultra-fine grinding and fine grading together and featuring complete comminution, uniform particle size distribution, well-kept raw crystal form and constant quality. We have introduced the world-level most advanced production equipment and technology, combing the water mill, drying and modifying together and featuring high brightness, low moisture, uniform particle size distribution and high surface coating rate, etc. The production process has realized closed dust-free automation control, reducing the in-process contamination links and guaranteeing the stability of product quality.
    Our product quality inspection center owns the state-of-art detection instruments and strict detection procedures, which lay a solid foundation for the superior quality of the products with the accurate testing results and advanced measures.  Solid scientific research strength. The exquisite processing technology, improved quality control system and high-quality staff have guaranteed the superior quality of the powder products of our company and powerfully supported their sales in China and all over the world. The ultra-fine powders produced by our Company have stable and reliable quality, are well trusted by customers and have obtained great reputation on domestic and foreign markets. Our customers are from all over the China and even from Malaysia and Middle East.

    Tanks to the standardized management, superb technology and high product quality, our production projects have been successfully included in the High-Tech Project Lists of Fengshan County and Hechi, acting as one of the leading modern calcium carbonate companies.

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